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Originally Posted by DARKSHADOW View Post
Is that a 5" barrel?

I stoped by the local indoor range on the way home from work today and they had a used 629 full lug with a 7" or 7.5" barrel. It looked to be in pretty good shape, but it did feel a bit long.
They also had a 629 to rent with a 5" barrel, but the only ammo they had in stock was some hunting rounds at $35 for a box of 20. They said they would be getting in some less expensive ammo by the middle of next week, so I'll probably stop back in and put 50 down range to see how I like it. It felt a little short just holding it.

So I'm thinking a 6" may be the way to go, but we'll see.

Thanks again guy's.
That's what I was getting at with the full lug (classic) and half lug. Only full lug 3" barrels have full ejector rods. Love my 686+. A 4" 629 classic is nice because you get a minute amount of extra weight where it counts. I don't have a 4" HL but if I were to go back when I got my 3", I'd go with the 4". The 5" does'nt feel short at all. It's about perfect and handles & looks much like a 4" L-frame. It's a win-win decision so don't worry, no bad choices.
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