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Originally Posted by lunarspeak View Post
im fully done about the car and am wondering about devildogs obsessive need to be right...
I don't have anything like OCD, if that's what you mean.

Trying not to sound too much like a sanctimonious *******, here's why: people who choose to be ignorant, rather than taking a few seconds to think or a few minutes to educate themselves, make me deeply sad and angry.

I'm a smart guy, but I'm no Einstein. I'm not a genius by any means. And I'm certainly not an expert on everything. Therefore, I try quite hard to keep my mouth shut on topics I don't know about (although I definitely fail, sometimes). I don't step into cop threads and talk about what it's like to be a cop, because I've never been a cop. I don't volunteer medical diagnoses, because I've never been a doctor.

If there is something that interests me, and I want to have an opinion about it, I take a few minutes and read about it first. In the internet age this is easier than it's ever been. You have (almost literally) all of human knowledge at your fingertips, yet you choose to remain willfully ignorant. (I don't mean "you" specifically, I'm speaking to a generic "you." A recent thread on HIV and circumcision illustrates my point pretty clearly, I think.)

I know about car dealerships. I'm trying to point out that the dealership, in this case, may or may not really be liable. We don't have nearly enough facts to make that determination.

In light of that, I am trying to get people to take a step back and think for a second before spouting off with "they should have to pay for that guy's job forever and college for all of his kids and buy him a house and a dog!" The world would be a better place if people genuinely tried not to form conclusions without having the facts, and didn't get defensive when people point out what they're doing. People get emotionally attached to their own ignorance, for some unknown and unknowable reason.

I, in my tiny way, am trying to combat that ignorance. Why I do it here, I have no idea. I certainly don't change many peoples' minds. Most of GT surely thinks I'm an arrogant prick (I don't come off that way in real life, oddly enough). But that's what it is. I'm not obsessive about being right. It just bugs the hell out of me when others insist on being wrong, in the face of the facts.
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