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Proud owner of an XD45 tactical (5" version) for over two years now. Probably around 2200 rounds so far.
Not immense, but enough to know it's a well made pistol.
No issues at all. In fact I've never had any kind of failure, no FTF, FTE, nothing. Even crap ammo, cast lead reloads, etc... feed and fire reliably.

Technically, it's been more reliable than my G19, though I in no way feel like my Glock is in any way unreliable. Just had a couple FTE's in the first 100. I love my Glock.

I will say that the striker retainer roll pin on my XD will move about 1/64th? "out" of the slide after a couple hundred rounds, just enough to feel the difference. Pushes right back in though, and never effects performance.
I imagine at some point it may work loose. or break, or whatever. Simple part to stock and replace fortunately.

XD's are a great value. I like the bore axis on Glock's better, and the XD's are heavier for the same stats, but I would never feel like I had a second class firearm with an XD. JMHO, etc...
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