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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
I agree but am curious, where do you get your statistics?
Lol, these are my opinions, just based on my tiny slice of the world. Watching these clowns online and at the range hammer away on the FA like it's a brute-force magic button that'll fix anything.

I'm no operator, or course trainer, or the like. I'm a mechanic, I restore old Mustangs. I'm also a gun enthusiast. I approach it the way I do cars, just like I did with my toys as a kid. If it's a machine with moving parts, I'm going to take it apart, and learn how it works. As with everything else, this is how I developed an understanding of how an AR functions. I was curious, lol, so I tore one apart.

This is also why I'm not a fan of piston conversions. What immediately struck me then, and still impresses me, is the beautiful simplicity of the DI system. The idea of intentionally overcomplicating a perfectly functional system really makes my brain hurt.

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