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Originally Posted by F_G View Post
Yeah, I'm sure they do, I try and support my local guy, usually he's really good and meets or beats any internet pricing, but he has claimed he's had it on order for 3 weeks now and I still don't have it. Not that it's a do or die deal or anything.

I always try to do that as well. I'm in a unique situation where my local guys are Palmetto State and Lawemens. Two great places to buy from...

One question, do you like the slight illumination of the front sight with the position of your light?
I do. Aippi's point is valid but as I said, all light positions have some negative features. For instance, when I had it on the rail it was further to the left of the bore making it more likely that I would illuminate myself coming around a corner. Put it on the bottom ala the Surefire forend and you may have to get more of your mag tube/barrel out front of cover/concealment, put it on the right side and there's a new world of issues for a right handed shooter. They're all compromises and have pros and cons....

But, the front sight really lights up the way it is now which is something I honestly didn't plan but was a pleasant surprise when I started doing some lowlight shooting.

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