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+1 on the Mora knife. The sheath is pretty iffy, but it can be wrapped with paracord for a little reinforcement and of course the paracord is handy to have in-and-of-itself. Good carbon blade, easy to sharpen and keeps an edge. Of course, keep it oiled.

I've carried a Spyderco Endura with the full serrations almost daily for 18 years. On duty and off. Hot, cold and lots of sweat. Used it on a variety of tasks without issue. Makes a great defensive weapon of course, but is an effective rescue tool (cutting seat belts or other material in an emergency).

I have carried a Victornox Swiss Army Tinker for the same length of time. Just an all around handy pocket knife.

I have a Cold Steel Voyager Tanto with partial serrations. Very nice knife which has found its way into one of my GHB's.

Lots of other knives as I use to be a collector years ago, but these are my daily use and favorites.
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