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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
Nice looking stick!
Thanks, I'm very happy with it

Originally Posted by avenues165 View Post
I agree, very nice! I really like the VTAC handguard on that bad boy, and it looks like a shooter! BTW, the lower I'll be putting the upper in question on will be a Spikes lower.

All great suggestions, I appreciate the responses.

I have considered the Rainier Ultramatch 16 and 18" upper along with the BCM and Centurion. All would be winners, but I am leaning hard towards the BCM with a VTAC Alpha handguard. Rainier is a great outfit that receives nothing but praise for their customer service, but so does BCM. The price point on the BCM is a little better, and I have read many accounts of legitimate 5 shot sub-MOA groups with their SS barrels.

Now time to run the numbers (money) and see which direction to go. But, keep the suggestions coming, I like to hear what everyone thinks about these types of rifles (recce, recon, SPRs, SAM-Rs, etc.).
If I had the extra money to spend and patience to wait for it to come back in stock, I'd have gone with this upper instead:
But I don't, so I didn't.
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