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Originally Posted by vallelbg View Post
I will be mostly using it for range action, but would want it to be reliable in a situation.
It'll do you just fine. I love all the little-billy-badass ARs I've gotten to play with, but to be completely honest, I can't imagine a situation I could get into that the Sport wouldn't handle.

1) Of all the people who ever touched their forward assist, maybe 2% actually should have, and perhaps 2% of that 2% used it correctly.

Even if you need to "assist" the bolt forward, you don't need the FA to do it. That's what that little scallop on the side of the carrier is for. Your finger.

2) If you are in the midst of a situation, guess what? The dust cover is gonna be open, not covering anything. The only time it's closed is when it's not in use, and far less likely to get crud in it.

And besides, myth-conceptions aside, a bit of dirt is NOT going to suddenly cause your AR to self destruct. Neither will alot of dirt, short of opening it up and shoveling sand into it.

Bottom line? IMO S&W hit a home-run with the Sport. Runs like a champ, is incredible accurate, has the versatility of a 1:8 twist rate. And stands head and shoulders above it's price tag.

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