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It was a great match with the original 5TG and and M setups. I like the Salt Lake area and the Lee Kay Shooting Center is huge with a lot of shooters around. I think with a little promoting this match could grow. I talked to 2 people when I was leaving that come over to watch but didn't own a Glock but showed a lot of interest in trying it. With all the people around shooting if they advertised at the range there was a G17 available to use for the price of 100 rounds there is a chance of picking up several new shooters to GSSF. All the ROs was very friendly and the poor guy at the plates was overworked. My wife kept scores and I pulled the rope for about one hour for him. I know I should give back more but all I had was a day and a half to see the mountains and I guess I was thinking of me. V you did a great job at the 5TG but I didn't see your name in the results.
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