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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
If units are availalbe, and are close-by enough, the agency will likely make an effort to correct the reported problem. I don't know if in your two situations, the LE agency had unit(s) available or close-by enough to intercept in a timely basis.
Originally Posted by TDC20 View Post
Nah, I just think it goes back to the fact that they really can't legally do anything based on one person's call. For example, someone could have been pissed off about being stuck behind a slow driver in the fast lane and figured they could call in a complaint on them about reckless driving and get them in trouble. There's no way to prove or disprove if a complaint is valid in that situation. So I understand that. But in this particular case, if the deputy didn't actually witness any reckless driving or other traffic infractions when he caught up to the MC, does he still have a reason to pull him over? If he doesn't observe some kind of illegal activity or traffic infraction, what is the point in pulling him over? I don't think he could cite the guy based on someone else's observation of an alleged traffic violation, could he?
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That matches my experience, Patchman.

On an interstate after dark in a populated area, I used my cell to report a zooming and weaving driver, who was doing at least 85 in a 60 (my wife was driving) but I didn't expect the cops to do anything -- how could they?

Luckily, they just happened to have a car nearby, and they nailed his stupid, drunk/high ass a mere 3 miles down the interstate. The cop was stopped at the exit just waiting, and turned the lights on when the SUV was 200 yards away.

Seriously though, the interchange 3 miles ahead of where he was stopped has killed a lot of people.

Based on the tone of voice from the operator, I conclude that area law enforcement (dispatchers included) take drunk/reckless reports especially seriously. She questioned me in a manner that was clearly designed to get the important facts from me very quickly.
Well TDC20, I guess everyone's mileage will differ.
Although many good citizens own and carry guns, keeping communities safe still fall on those who carry badges.

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