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Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
If this is so, why can you take a new mag spring and have a hard time loading it but you can fully load it and let it set awhile and it gets much easier to load.

Also a new spring will shorten after being fully compressed for a while.
I don't have any spring science degrees, but that is a great question.

I'm of the opinion that springs don't set unless they start to rust, and thus start to "freeze" in place.

But springs do weaken with use. I wonder if pushing the spring down and immediately letting it come back up to weaken it is perhaps just the same as if you were pushing it down and holding.

So, yes, in my opinion, a spring will shorten after being fully compressed, but I disagree that "for a while" is part of the equation

Disclaimer, rust could happen over time and change the equation. Also, I could be wrong.
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