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I just can't see people all going to the voting booths and voting for Obama. Not with this economy, not with this general outlook, not with what's going on in the Middle East.

I truly believe Romney will win. If Obama wins...look out. It'll mean the Lame Steam Media won it for him and everybody who actually voted for him the 2nd time will be in total denial that they voted at all within 2 years. I have siblings who want to work and they say they can't find a job. let alone my teenage kids having any luck in finding a job.

I'm still asking myself about what happened to this, "2010 Recovery Summer" that Obama and Biden were touting about? I knew then that the guy that everybody voted for in 2008 was the wrong guy.

I sure as heck can't control the world, but I will be voting for Romney and so will most of my family members. 2 days ago, two ladies were walking around the neighborhood and knocking on doors, asking people, "Do you think there's anything wrong with the economy today?" They were looking for people to vote for Obama and offering them absentee ballots. I first told them that, "The economy isn't good today" and that, "just seeing people like you walking around knocking on doors is proof that the economy is bad". They refused to offer me an absentee ballot after I told them I support Mitt Romney ( no kidding, this really happened). I was alright by that because I plan on voting in November.
That's my story...and i'm stickin' to it!!!

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