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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
Enlighten us, how many people have you had to shoot through barriers?
How 'bout you tell me how many barriers you will have to shoot through in your future, or better yet... just tell me how your self defense scenario will unfold. I'll make it even more simple, just tell me if you will have to shoot someone in the future.

There was a GT member that had to shoot through his own windshield a few years ago. A female, also some years ago, fired her .357 mag through her car door and killed her assailant.

Often times people like you spout the same non sense, I'm a civilian, leo have to worry about barriers more than I do, blah buh blah. This simple minded approach leaves out the fact that you may never find yourself in a shooting or where the presence of a gun changes the encounter to your favor. If you do find yourself in a once in a life time encounter you should probably plan for something as simple as barrier penetration. The truth of the matter is that you may have to shoot through a barrier as a civilian... it has happened...and it will continue to happen.

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