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Originally Posted by Providence View Post
I actually think it has little to do with the debates, and more to do with who will get out and vote. If we vote, we win.

But, just for discussion... Just this afternoon, I heard a radio discussion ,among Doctors, about the effects of Obamacare. According this radio discussion, the 716 Billion $ cuts to Medicare are on the payment side of things. According to them, benefits are not cut, only payments to hospitals and Doctors. That is why Drs are refusing to treat Medicare patients. I realize that a segment of people will judge the Drs, and I a certainly not a fan of theirs, but if you can't make a living with Medicare, you have to punt and go where you can make a living. This should be part of the discussion. Not who wins the debate, or who Is smarter, or whatever else people think. Has Obama's policies worked... Except for Obama phones and food stamps.

Please vote! It's that important!
The majority of doctors that I know live high on the hog and are surely in debt up to their eyeballs after school and their lifestyle.

I don't see them going anywhere. They are looking at the $, not the patients.
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