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Originally Posted by podwich View Post
You spend your money on what you value. It's simply that.

You find a thread in which people post about some nice stuff they have and you react with...whatever it is you just posted. This says a lot about you. If you post something nice that you bought with your money (whether car, gun, watch, house, ring, whatever), I'm going to respond with something congratulatory. I'm not going to interject my opinion on how I'd never spend my money on that, it's pointless, you're a showoff, etc.

In short, get over yourself.
I point again to reading comprehension. Do you read? Did you read the question I was merely answering? Again, I'll quote it. It has nothing to do with myself. I was answering an honest question. Maybe you should chill out a bit mr. ruffled feathers..

Here's the question I was asked...
"Its very strange but you'll likely find many of the same folk on GT that will drop a bundle on a high end pistol/rifle/shotgun/automobile/motorcycle/boat, etc, will complain or even condemn someone who appreciates a quality, high end watch purchasing same. Go figure. Personally, I don't get it."
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