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the newest versions coming out are milled just slightly different to allow you to recharge the gun on a strong belt one handed for what thats worth. i have had them on my 17, 23, and 35. i havent tried to hunt with them out in the woods but they are pretty quick on target for me in IDPA. i prefer the plain rear as 3 dots can be distracting imho when trying too hard to line them up right instead of just see orange dot, press trigger.

i had debated the TFO idea as well as i think its about right, at least in theory. but i have also heard several complaints about the fibers getting messed up with common solvents. lots of people seem to love them but that was my thoughts going with these sights. i was originally thinking of a wide 10-8 style rear sight with a tfo front but decided i would give the hackathorns a try and am glad i did
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