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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
"Vote correctly"


Does it make you feel dumb to write stuff like that though?

The TEA Party is in worse shape than the GOP!

The GOP doesn't know who they are anymore... the TEA Party never (or perhaps only for a brief moment) did!

The TEA (as in Taxed-Enough-Already) Party has been hijacked by the Bible Thumping American Taliban and the Kookistani Patriot Movement to capitalize on the momentum.

A lot of us can get behind any smaller gov/ lower taxes movement, but as soon as you get some fool out there saying, "Faaaaaags is gunna BURN!" at the TEA Party rally?

Anyone with a brain is going to run far away...
Exactly right. Most of the local Tea Party folks here hate gays and are anti-choice. They are also religious hypocrites.

That's not liberty. That's bigotry and fascism. The Tea Party sold out Ron Paul for Mitt. They are pathetic.
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