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We have several Dog loving Rent dodgers living in our area. The last one left three dogs and five cats and disappeared in the middle of the night. Pretty typical actually.... Plus one hell of a junk pile out side the doors and the yards.

At the first bark session... I go to the new neighbor and tell them I'm a property owner. They aren't.

If they don't control the noisy animal or abuse of it. I will take control of the situation through legal channels and they can pay the judge.

They have 24 hours to decide how they want to handle their noisy dog/animal/ behavioral problems. As I WILL file charges, immediately!

We have a Deputy Sheriff,,,, K-9 unit that lives six houses down and can also hear their noisy animals.... And he's on em like a chicken on a June Bug.

I don't and never have tolerated noisy neighbors and their animals. A few have learned this through their wallets.

IF you call the authorities it will help your cause if you do sign a complaint and follow it through. IF not. Take the crap and like it.

PS.... I've never in my life heard or seen a dog owner that can hear his own dogs bark and they get very defensive about.

IF you don't believe me read any Barking Dog thread on this forum....
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