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Originally Posted by Cole125 View Post
Out of your two choices M&P Sport, no question. I have not heard anything negative about them, they should be good to go.

As said above budget money for ammo and mags, your not "done" when you just buy a rifle.

A carbine class or at least getting pointers from someone who knows how to run a AR is a must, also.
A must? I ran mine out the box with no problem. If you have had firearms saftey 101 it is not that complicated...there are a heck of a lot more complicated things in life than pushing bullets into a magazine, inserting it into the mag well (only goes in one way...class 101 has started), pull charging handle and flip lever that actually says fire on it (everyone knows what a trigger is for)! I would be surprised if someone could not figure it out unless you spent your whole life under a always
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