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Don't wear one, I'm surrounded by people who's time is far less imortant than mine & can ask ANY of them what time it is close to when needed.
Time is a man-made abstract concept with no real value.

That said, here's the skinny:

I work in a metal-fab shop & have been a certified weldor for about 38 yrs. This environment isn't what you would call "timepiece-friendly" by any means. And the idea of any kind of jewelry doesn't fly either, like the gent who does the woodworking.

I have 3 watches:
Patek-Philieppe (sp) that was inherited from my father,not sure what model, but will go to my grandson. It lives in the safety-dep box @ the bank.

Seikeo, for 30 yrs of service with my employer, worn very rarely, but very nice. Engraved w/name & presentation date.

A cheap (12.00) large stopwatch, not sure of brand, from Wal-Mart, with light & neck lanyard. This is used for the 2 most important timekeeping events that I need:
1) Time of legal shooting light for deer & waterfowl hunting
2) Timing of steaks & chops, etc. while using the Weber grill (charcoal, no gas here!)

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