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16" or 18"

Hey everyone,

I have a choice to make and I am hoping someone can help me decide which direction to go. I am looking for an upper for a lower I have, and I have decided on a precision upper. This upper will wear a scope. I see myself using it to shoot from ~100-500 yards, maybe a little further.

I am fairly certain I'll use BCM for the upper, but I have not yet ruled out having Rainier Arms build me an upper or going through Centurion for the upper. Regardless of the direction I go, it will have a SS barrel. My goal is to keep the cost below $1,200 without a scope, which I feel I can do. My goal is an upper that will shoot consistently at or below 1-1.25 MOA with match grade ammo if I do my part.

I am leaning towards an 18" barrel for the ability to take it out past 500 yards on occasion. But, I also would like to have the ability to carry it on hikes, and 18" adds weight.

Tell me what you think. What would be better, a 16" recce style set up or an 18" upper?
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