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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
You don't have to want to be an "operator" or a Costa wanna-be to realize that taking even a basic carbine class (or suggesting someone else do the same) will go a LONG way to helping someone new to the weapon platform understand how to make that weapon run. I've seen plenty of newbies with jammed up ARs on ranges that were clueless on how to correct the problem. In some cases, that cluelessness led to unsafe situations and potential injury.
This. The misconception I spoke of earlier. People think you start out running. You don't. Basic classes, though I find them enjoyable, can be boring at times for some. Crawl before you walk. Right? Yep.

OP, you'll be GTG w/ either AR though 1:8 twist would be my choice. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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