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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Imagine that this person didn't work for a dealership for a moment, but was a private citizen who had sold a car privately. He files a false police report and gets the buyer arrested. Who would you sue for a few million bucks in that case? No one.
You could always file a claim against that person's homeowner's policy (assuming they had one).

Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
As soon as a business with deep pockets gets involved, all of a sudden people are clamoring for blood. This lawsuit mentality is why it's so expensive to do business in this country.
No, the reason that it's so expensive to do business in this country is because of unethical behavior by businesses and frivolous lawsuits. And if businesses behaved properly, at least they wouldn't be subject to legitimate lawsuits. But the dealership didn't just engage in unethical behavior...they engaged in criminal behavior. The employee who filed a false police report should be imprisoned and the dealership should be held financially responsible, because the criminal act was committed on its behalf. You will never convince me that the dealership's owner bears no responsibility for this incident. Even if he didn't actively encourage his employees to engage in such unscrupulous tactics, at the very least he turned a blind eye to it.
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