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Thanks gents.

Flash light is above the weapon and blocking your view of threats. Not good.
I had it mounted at the rail level originally but I found that I would accidently hit the tail switch occasionally with my thumb so I slapped an offset on there. I shoot with both eyes open so, to me, it looks like I'm looking through the light as opposed to having a blind spot. One thing I found with having it mounted higher like that is it illuminates the front sight slightly with some of the ambient light (the main beam is still to the left). I see your point but IMO all light positions have pros and cons; I'm a fan of picking one and training with it to learn its' limitations.

Dose the rail on there eat any meat on the hand?
Not at all. The Magpul rails aren't as sharp as some out there (Midwest Industries, Troy, ect...)

About any forend can rub the barrel if not centered perfectly. Even the SF LE has sharp edges that I remove material from on each install so they will not rub under rapid fire which is when most of us torque a forend to one side of the other. So this is not the fault of that forend. Those marks are on every 870 that gets any kind of round count under rapid fire.
100% agree. I was just pointing it out as a lot of people get worked up about it.

Now, if I can just get my hands on the fore end.
Brownells has them in stock I believe.

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