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Originally Posted by taters View Post
Can't understand why people buy Rolex ,etc. these watches keep lousy time. If I was gonna buy a high end watch I would buy a replica with quartz works. You can't tell the difference and it keeps near perfect time
99.9% of the replica watches for any luxury brand are junk built with quility standards far below any genuine watch, be it a $10 Casio or a $150,000 Patek Philippe. In case you have never heard of the brand I just mentioned, they are a watchmaker based out of Geneva Switzerland that has been in the business since 1839. Their watches start around $16,000 and go all the way to the $400,000 mark and beyond. This is an example of what certifedfunds was talking about when he made mention of chuckling because Rolex is really an entry level luxury watch.

If you have ever handled a real Rolex, most fakes are easy to spot unless you are willing to spend $600+ in most cases. Anything less than that and you are getting something made from parts that are cheap Chinese garbage. Being that it is also an illegal industry, quality control and warranty are virtually nonexistant so you are on your own after the sale and this is all assuming that US customs does not seize the package on the way into the country.

Aside from that, I would never wear a replica simply because I did not buy my watch for recognition from other people. I bought it for my own satisfaction. If it was something outside of my budget, I would not have it. That philosophy goes for my guns, cars, and any other nonessential items that I own.

Plus, if I am going to be mugged, brutally beaten, or murdered for my watch, I would damn sure feel like an idiot if it was for a fake. If any of the above is to transpire, the object that causes it may as well be genuine.
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