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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Oh, you didn't. I'm chuckling behind the keyboard.

The funny thing is that Rolex isn't even a high end watch. Its sort of the entry point for an in house automatic swiss movement.
For me, I now wear my Seiko Kinetic Diver on a daily basis, while my Ulysse Nardin 1846 chronometer spends its days on a winder. At 11 years old it still runs at -2 seconds a day which is pretty accurate for a mechanical watch.

Rolex (I have owned six in my long life) is an entry level "high end" watch. They are mass produced; they do not take a year to build, but in saying that, they are rugged and and when adjusted properly, can be very accurate watches. One reason for Rolex's popularity can be attributed to their huge advertising budget.

Unfortunately, apart from those that appreciate quality wristwatches, many buy a Rolex so that they can demonstrate their (perceived) success. "I paid $25K for this baby" was the worst I ever heard one blowhard say. In the high end watch world that's chump change. Try two or three hundred thousand for a Patek Philippe complication, and then you're into some "high end" credibility.
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