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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
Where did you see that the complaint was a MWAG call? the only thing I read was that the complaint was about him passing vehicles at over 100 mph.

As for whether or not the officer had seen the gun and why did he ask. there can be multiple reasons for that.

Keeping in mind that the initial reason for the contact was a complaint about basically reckless driving one of the first things any officer is going to try and do is determine who and what he is dealing with on this stop.

That may very well entail me asking a question I already know the answer to in order to see what kind of response I get and how the person reacts to it.

overall I think the officer handled the situation poorly as the stop progressed. perhaps do to lack of experience or perhaps he is just not cut out to be an officer.

I think for the most part the officer simply became frustrated rather quickly and did not know how to handle the guy.
Your right, guess I have been reading too many reply's and posts on this topic.
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