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Originally Posted by professorpinki View Post
Your original post on which I commented was in relation to a comment about the Rolex brand name being an eye catcher, and particularly to criminal elements. You said it wasn't; that people are just oblivious of things like watches. I posted, being a non-criminal element, saying that for many of us, the mere fact that we don't comment isn't that we're not observant. It's not that we're unaware. Rather, some of us are aware, and we choose not to say anything out of a sense of common courtesy. For example, you don't just go up to every good looking girl you see and say to her that she's beautiful, do you?

Now, if you were walking, hypothetically, and some vagrant passed by, he might not have that instinctive courtesy... 'cause he's a part of the criminal element. Suddenly that watch you don't think anyone pays attention to might have made you a target.

Not always the case, of course... and situational awareness clearly would help stop crime from taking place, or at least successfully (on the part of the bad guy) taking place.

That's where the whole bit about people judging you comes in: some people judge by a first glance. Others take a more examining look at your possessions. Some people look at the way you stand, how you talk. And some people try to drink the whole picture of you in... and in the end, they judge you based on the image you project... and Rolex projects an image of wealth, because that's what it's associated with.
Blah, Blah, Blah . . . more mumbo-Jumbo "BS". Muddy up the issue much? You still didn't answer this simple question. Of all the people you came in contact with yesterday, how many of their watches did you even notice? You refuse to answer because you'd have to say NONE! My original point which seems oblivious to you, was that MOST people don't notice what watch other people are wearing. Not all, but Most. You made a rediculiously, wild over statement incintating that most people notice, but don't comment out of common courtesy, and now you're stuck with it. Trying to muddy things up with the "BS" in your last two posts won't help.
Yes some people - and I classify that as a very low number including the criminal element you so adamently persist in citing - though how they could be considered courteous, I can't perceive, might do as you say. But, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of honest, everyday society go through their daily lives never noticing the watches that others are wearing. However, you'll never accept that simple truth, will you? No need to answer as now you've gone and bored me, so to you I say I'm off to enjoy my Sunday.
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