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Sounds like a liability issue if the bike falls on the rider
Liability is one of those subjects that sounds good, but gets little traction. You can be sued for anything, however if you're doing your job, there's no issue. Let's face it, if a guy doesn't want to hold the bike, there's nothing you can do...if you instruct him to remain seated and he gets off, what do you think that means? Same concept as getting out of a vehicle on your own...makes you wonder what the driver is up to.

As far as colors, there have been other threads addressing hobby clubs to OMG's. I'd love to ride, but the last two fatals I did were MC. Not a pretty ending.

I don't think he could cite the guy based on someone else's observation of an alleged traffic violation, could he?
I worked for one city agency that would not entertain an infraction reported by complainant. The next agency takes it like any other complaint/investigation. You have an accusation, with no evidence it goes away.

I was able to call the speed to within +/-1mph.
The training standard I was held to was 4mph. You're not issuing based on an estimate though, merely identifying excessive speed and lasing...just another element of the case. I've cut a "minimum speed violation" a few see the car blast by and isssue the ticket for a 1mph over violation. Either way, if you have reasonable suspicion of a violation you can make the stop and investigate...when the op admitted to passing cars it placed him as "the guy" being reported as speeding...the only issue is to determine if there was a violation.

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