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"The Gun Dream"

Have any of you (military or law enforcement especially) had "The Gun Dream?" The one where you are in a shoot situation and your gun doesn't work? I've had it a lot in Afghanistan and once since I've been back, my Dad is a veteran and a cop, and he says he has the dream and all of his coworkers at the police dept. say they have as well.
Certainly makes sense to have a fear for your life resting on a single, fallible piece of equipment and dream about it. I had a lot of dreams where my M4 would just *click* when I pulled the trigger, now that I have a Glock it actually fires in the dream, the bullets just don't do anything to the bad guy, just leave silver holes in his head. I guess that's an improvement.
I was wondering if anyone else has had similar dreams and would be willing to share what they were like.
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