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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
Well, I wasn't going to post on this thread, but you've inspired me. You don't get it? Why we'll spend money on an awesome gun, but not a fancy watch? Well listen up:

1. I have no need for a watch. Clocks are all around me everywhere I go. They're on my computer (I can see the time right now, for example). They're in the halls where I work. They're in meeting rooms on the wall. Etc, etc. They're on my cell phone, there is a clock in my car. Worst case scenerio, I ask somebody nearby, they pull out their phone, and tell me. Basically, there is no need to own a watch. Whereas with guns, there often is a VERY REAL need.

2. A cheap watch works just as well as an expensive one. They both tell you the time of day. I can buy a cheap watch for ten bucks. Sure, it might break in a couple years. Buy a new one. You can't say the same thing for guns. Cheap ones are less accurate, and far more likely to malfunction.

3. In today's modern society, I don't want to be constantly reminded of what time it is. I've got enough stress in my life without having the time staring at me from my own arm. If I want to know what time it is, I'll find out (as mentioned in #1, I can look at a computer, or a clock, or ask someone). I think that not worrying so much about time can actually lower your stress, which contributes to quality of life and may even extend your life. Win win. If I need to be somewhere at a certain time, I plan for it, and keep track of time. Easy to do.

4. For special functions, they can be useful. I do have a watch with GPS for running. It set me back a hundred bucks. But it is a great tool for my workouts. I also wear it while I'm coaching soccer games.

5. Based on 1-4 above, a logical observer can see that while some things like guns, cars, etc, serve very practical purposes, and buying a good one will give very different results than buying a cheap one (compare my volvo xc wagon to your Ford Fiesta for example), shelling out a bunch of money on a fancy watch serves no real purpose. A five or ten dollar watch will tell you exactly the same time as your five thousand dollar watch. Expensive watches are simply jewelry.

I'm not condemning or complaining about people who buy expensive jewelry, but you need to own up to what it is. It is a luxury item that has very little useful purpose. Some people like those. Fine. Maybe you can impress your friends. Impress the ladies. But that is all it is, just a way to show off to people.

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