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Originally Posted by randr1979 View Post
i don't see how the prices you stated as examples could become true, at least not within the foreseeable future. I am not going to discuss hypothetical prices which are in my opinion, absurd.

I have actually given this much thought, I am leaning towards advocating for an educational attainment requirement to firearm ownership. At the very least prove that applicants can fully comprehend the user's manual and the laws on firearms. As the law is written today, there actually is a property value (or size) requirement, but we circumvent that somehow. I am not sure on the provisions but caliber and number of firearms allowed is tied to size of one's property. This I am not so keen on. Even a person renting a small pad will have something(someone) to protect.

People with that much assets in their name most likely have better than average self control and ability to delay gratification. if they didn't they most likely would have frittered it all away in no time.

if i am excluded and i really want to be included then i must figure out a way to meet the minimum requirement. guns are not for everybody.

yes it does work that way right now (i have yet to meet tricycle drivers, magbabaluts, magtataho type people at my gun club), but that is not what is being discussed. perhaps you would like it to be some other way, i respect that. cheapest legally acquired gun in the market would be an armscor 38spl, 11 grand plus anoher 6 grand for licensing, this is todays price. any hardworking honest person can come up with 17 grand, at least within a year or two at most. nobody who is truly deserving is being deprived. how cheap do you want it to be? how easy do you want it to acquire ba?

you are correct that high prices for legal guns make buying cheaper illegal ones more attractive (if available), not a perfect world.

my opinion is unchanged however i must say it was truly a pleasure reading your response and spending time to craft mine in return.

bro it may seem absurd now but if more people start thinking like you do that could actually become a reality :(

the only reason we can have guns and carry is because the government gets a lot of money from it i.e. mere privilege, we actually just rent these guns from the gov't. so if the gov't started to go with your logic, they'd say that in order to solve this "gun problem" they simply have to raise the rent :( the higher the rent, the more bad guys you filter out. that's your logic right?

you say you're ok with prices being artificially high but where do you draw the line? 2x? 3x? 100x? at what point do you think that you'll start filtering out the good guys intead? good people who don't make a lot of money...

you want more restrictive gun laws thinking that will solve our "gun problem" yet are completely missing the point just like our politicians. YOU ARE ONLY RESTRICTING LEGAL GUN OWNERS. criminal dude just grabs a gun from a security guard to buys one cheap from the black market

you think all your restrictions could have filtered out *****holes like allan bantilles? rolito go? they've got money and property so they must have tons of self-control right hehehe. mas mayaman, mas mayabang.

meanwhile a good family man will have to sacrifice a few things just to afford that artificially-inflated armscor revolver just to have the means to defend his family

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