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Originally Posted by ICARRY2 View Post

If you go back and listen to the audio you will hear the leo say he didnt see the gun on the bikers right hip since the leo approached him from his left side.

The leo asked the biker if he had any guns before he got off the bike.

It wasnt until after the biker was off the bike and facing the leo that the leo saw the gun.
I went back and listened a second time, and you are 100% correct. Whether the RV'ers said anything about MWAG we don't know for sure, but the story didn't say, so we assume there was no MWAG called in. Still, the initial contact could have been handled better. If someone answers a question I didn't ask, or gives me an evasive answer, then I ask the question again to make sure they understand exactly what I'm asking. Doesn't matter whether it's my wife, my business partner, or my employee. That's basic communication skills, which would have gone a long way in this instance.

Q. Do you have any weapons on you?
A. I don't consent to any searches.
Q. I'm not asking to search you, I'm asking if you have any weapons on you.
A handgun is only good for fighting your way to a rifle.
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