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Flash light is above the weapon and blocking your view of threats. Not good.

Dose the rail on there eat any meat on the hand? Sure looks like it would.

The forend does not touch the magazine tube on any 870. The forend tube assembly has eight detents that ride the tube and those are causing the striation marks on the mag tube not the forend. So that is not the fault of this forend.

About any forend can rub the barrel if not centered perfectly. Even the SF LE has sharp edges that I remove material from on each install so they will not rub under rapid fire which is when most of us torque a forend to one side of the other. So this is not the fault of that forend. Those marks are on every 870 that gets any kind of round count under rapid fire. But here I defend the Sport shooters as I watch those guys racking back weapon almost perfectly to the rear, which is why they are so fast. Us Tactical Shooters really torque the hell out of our forends and the actions bars show this after a time. The forend looks fine except for the rail.

Adjustable LOP big Plus.

So the only negatives I see is it that yes, it is ugly and that rail is way wrong and looks like it would do some damage if you are not very very careful and the light above the weapon can block a threat and you get hurt. But I'm an unsightly man and I tell the gals go for function over looks and pic me. Not to say this stock is the one to pic as I see nothing on it that tops the SF IV-S for me. I am sure it will others and has as it selling well and would serve them well if they take that rail off.

Good review of a newer product but the product leaves something to be desired with the design. Would like to see a review from you like this about the Mesa Urbino as this one was very consise.
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