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Where I work, the company uses a point system. The only problem is they only enforce it when things are slow. The rest of the time, they look the other way. Employee’s noticed this and took advantage of it.

Not long ago, my employer changed the attendance policy. Now, they can discipline an employee for past offenses up to six months in the rear. Employees have also noticed actions are only taken when other events happen. It’s kind of like an add on for the offense.

Recently, my employer fired one of my coworkers. This employee was always late and took to many breaks and stayed in the restroom for an obnoxious amount of time. The rest of us suspected he was sleeping. While he was on his second shift rotation, he would sit in his car and listen to sports events while his machine would stop running. His production was very poor.

The final nail in the coffin was a supervisor passed him up in the opposite direction on the way to work. This employee was on the clock, while driving up to the local Doughnut shop to make a food and coffee run.

When they walked him out the door, he didn’t see anything he had done wrong.
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