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Originally Posted by ROGER4314 View Post
I always carry and like others have said, if they don't like my carry pistol, they couldn't like me.

I am especially convinced this is the best path after recent events. My 35 year old friend "K" was visited his Granny and left his carry piece behind as he was on familiar turf. Two neighborhood thugs jumped him and beat him to death to steal his wrist watch.

Since "K"'s death, I've talked to his grieving father several times. He asked me to share this story and to encourage all readers to carry. He lost his son but maybe his loss can change the lives of others.

I carry always and you should, too!

Flash, sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that those two criminals were caught, prosecuted and (hopefully) are the continuous recipients of painful torture in prison. But I digress.

The point is you carry not necessarily for those times when having dinner with family or friends, but for the times before and after.

A very good friend of mine became a victim of violent crime a number of years ago in a similar situation. He, his wife and young kids were coming home from dinner out. Upon parking at their house and getting out of the car, he noticed a few suspicious looking guys walking over in his direction.

Very soon after they all got into the house (and shut the door), those guys were at the front door trying to get in. After knocking and trying to get someone inside to open the door, at least one of those guys began shooting through the door. My friend was hit, twice I believe. Non-life threatening injuries. He was behind the front door deciding whether to call the police. It all happened very quickly from the time they got out of the car to when the shooting happened.

After a number of shots were fired through the door, the assailants left. There were no leads in the case and no one was brought to justice.

Long story short, my friend and his family moved shortly after that incident.

My friend is a decently-big guy. 6'4" and at least mid-200lbs. The very mention of the word "gun" gets him visually shaken.

It pains me to say my friend was a victim.

If violent crime is headed my way, I'll be armed, thank you.

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