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Alright, here is a pic of the Dawson FO front and a blacked out G20 rear. It is the .105? wide sight, but they all have the same size FO rod, I think. The light on the sides make it easier to find the front sight faster, but with so much space out there it is more difficult to see slight differences in sight alignment. When there is only a tiny sliver of light on each side, it is obvious when you are dead center, but it can be hard to get there when the light isn't right or you are trying to get on poorly lit or dark colored target. -Edit- The picture is taken on an overcast day in semi-shadow, so gives pretty a pretty good idea of how bright the Dawson FO rod is.
The 10 Ring

I considered buying the tritium, but prefer the glow of fiber optics during the day to just a white dot. If you were shooting in dense blackness against a small target, you may have a slightly better hit probability, but I think that is the only time where tritium would be of any advantage. Against a lit target in the dark, even black sights are silhouetted just fine. I like the idea of the TFOs, but haven't bothered with them due to the lack of different sight heights to properly sight in.
Thanks so much. That was a lot of great information to take in. I really like the fiber optic. That's why I considered the TFO'S. I just want the best sight picture I can get. TFO'S are great I know as a defense sight, but I like to target shoot to and don't know if they are crisp enough.
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