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Here's one of my Bulldog Speed Scabbard's that went out to a customer a few days ago. The Speed Scabbard is a very minimal holster that works great for the owner of handguns from the same size family. This holster in particular was built for a Glock 26/27, but will work equally well for a 19/23 and several others from the same Glock family.
One built for a Colt Government 5" would work equally well with a 4" Commander or a 3"' Micro Government platform weapon. Very versatile holster.

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This "Little Gem" was designed and built for a customer's Kahr P380 pistol.Those of you familer with the P380 know it's a very small pistol. I've built many pocket holsters for this pistol, but this customer wanted a belt holster. This is a new design for me and added to my holster lineup. I based the design of this holster on my Beltslide Pancake Design, only quite a bit smaller.
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