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Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
I have all three, and recommend you grab that Sub2K while you can; sometimes they are scarce, and it took me over a year to get the G17-mag model I wanted. It's also easy to take to the range along with handguns, and it's fun to shoot.
It would aslo be a good choice for home defense or CQB, but I prefer an AK for this.

You'll want a 10-22 someday, you just haven't felt the need yet. No hurry, there are plenty of those around.

The Mosin-Nagants are still common, but mounting a scope is such a hassle that few bother. The sniper models have the bolt bent to clear the scope, but the MN is really designed to be a cheap tough powerful low-capacity battle rifle for conscripted peasants to carry with bayonets. Prices have risen on the carbine M44, and the M91-30 is now over $100 when it used to be $80. Still the cheapest bargain in the world, if that's something you need now.
It's worth having, but rarely gets taken to the range these days and doesn't seem useful for home defense. If you wanted a scope mounted deer rifle you'd be better served with a common Savage, Remington, Marlin, or whatever.

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I have two Sub2Ks, two 10/22s (one is the Takedown model) and five Mosins.

Get the Sub2K in 9mm IMMEDIATELY!!!! They are extremely hard to find and can fetch a hefty price.

Whichever you decide to get, enjoy it!


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