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Originally Posted by HighTechRedneck View Post
What sort of price would we be talking about for a basic 700? Do those have irons or is a scope mount/scope required right away? Much more familiar with handguns, so please pardon the stupid questions.
Cheapest “Walmart grade” Remington 700 is sold under $400.
Because it is Remington 700 you can endlessly upgrade and modify it as your funds allow.

I think they sell them without irons but it should not cost much at all to put cheap scope on it.

Check local gun shops and pawnshops. You may find used not abused 700 scoped and cheap.

308 would be short action. 30-06 and up is long action. ADL/BDL is up to you (floor plate or not).

This would be my starter Remington 700 short action.

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