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The problem is that people offer up an opinion based on emotion, not fact:

Originally Posted by TDC20
There's a reason some people give cops attitude, and it starts with "bs level" things like "I would have kept him on the bike holding it up by the bars" The problem with wearing a uniform and acting like a jackass is....
It is part of standardized police training to leave motorcycle operators on the bike, with the kick stand up. You mistake an industry "best practice" with ball busting. That is the problem with a citizens analysis of a particular procedure....No, policing isn't just you with a gun and the basis of knowledge you currently have. It's you + training.

Do I make everyone hold their bike? No, but it is best practice when stopping riders wearing colors or are being stopped for other reasons then operation of the MC.

I gaurantee 99% of posters here would have a different outlook if they had to perform LE duties, let alone a ride along. I have the benefit of being an shooting enthusiast as well as LE, so I can relate to their "feelings". That being said, good people go bad...don't put yourself in a position of weakness. I have to pull people over and go to calls for 25 years, this guy gets pulled over once and has some expectation that the cop will entertain the possibility of a gunfight? And claim it's his right to do so? I will gladly make reasonable accomodations to a lawful carrier...once I'm sure that business will be conducted safely.

Oh, I forgot...the old Army rule was 10% ****birds. Probably about the same for LE.

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