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Originally Posted by SGT HATRED View Post
I'm curious about these "good"prices. Care to share? I just picked up an m44 not to long ago for 175 and a sub 2k for 275 in .40/glock so yes prices are going up...
The Mosin rifle for $129, carbine for $159, and the S2k in .40/Glock for $265. Thought I was losing my mind when I saw that price. Might pick that one up just out of principle.

Originally Posted by 4 glocks View Post
"A Keltec Sub2000 at a really good price at the LGS in either 9 or 40."

If you are saying you can get a S2K at a good price you better jump on that.
S2K are almost impossible to find. They should sell for around $300 but people are asking $500+.

If you are saying I want to find A Keltec Sub2000 at a really good price at the LGS in either 9 or 40, just move on to your other two options.
Not sure about the 9, but they have the .40, price mentioned above.

Originally Posted by Kozel View Post
Just sold my Sub2K.

Nice toy but not much of a gun. Crappy, heavy, soft, plastic trigger, which I replaced with aluminum one and polished up disconnecting surfaces.

Still. Extremely sensitive to any weakness in backstop AKA shoulder. If you rapid fire it and forget for a second to put your shoulder fully into to it will jam.

Just not a kind of gun I would rely my life on.
And that's the kind of thing I was afraid of, and exactly why I asked.

Originally Posted by Kozel View Post
Just buy some good ol Remington 700 in 308. Common caliber, common gun that everybody works on and can be endlessly improved on later.

7.62x54R is only cheap now while surplus ammo is available. Wait till Obongo (or rabid anti-gunned Rmoney) will get to it!
Even if you buy “sardine cans” ammo most of it is already old and of poor quality.
What sort of price would we be talking about for a basic 700? Do those have irons or is a scope mount/scope required right away? Much more familiar with handguns, so please pardon the stupid questions.
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