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Originally Posted by Roger1079 View Post
No automatic movement is perfect, and ALL of them will lose or gain seconds over the course of a day, but your statement about the Invicta being more accurate than a Rolex is completely inaccurate.
I didn't say all Invicta's are more accurate than all Rolex's.

The question was if my cheap piece of junk Invicta keeps better time than a Rolex, doesn't that make the Rolex a terribly expensive piece of junk?

My buddy has a submariner. My invicta Pro Diver keeps better time. Pisses him off to no end. Add to that his wife thinks the pro diver looks better than his submariner because the center links in the bracelet are polished and he really gets steamed.

BTW, my every day wear pro diver has the Miyota movement.

I can't remember which ETA movement is in my Swiss Invicta.

I'm not a Rolex basher. When both daughters get out of college, I will finally purchase a submariner. I like them, but since I don't have the spare change at this point in time, I gotta go with what works reliably, looks good, and is affordable.

I just get tired of the same garbage that is posted by a certain individual when Invicta is mentioned.
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