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Originally Posted by professorpinki View Post
Actually, not a professor.

I though maybe not, that's why the

I answered your question that you posed directly.

The question was, Of all the people you came in contact with yesterday, how many of their watches did you notice. I never saw an answer direct or otherwise.

My point is that just because people don't say anything or seem to notice doesn't mean they don't notice at all.

This is the only valid comment you've made regarding my original post that you quoted. But, you have absolutely no way of knowing how many people may or maynot have noticed my watch over a 30 year span. Do you?

Every movement you do makes you judged by those around you - even by the prissy Paris Hilton and Nicky Minaj wannabee teens. And, certain actions and things that surround you enhance the motive of would be attackers. Like not locking your doors. But you should know that, being that you're on here at Glock Talk, and being that your handle suggests you were in the Corps. Lack of having been attacked yourself does not equate to lack of risk of attack.
None of this last paragraph has anything to do with my original post that we've been discussing. Just more "BS".
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