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Originally Posted by Fed Five Oh View Post
And the hankie stomping continues.

Question. If my cheap piece of junk keeps better time than a Rolex, wouldn't that make a Rolex a terribly expensive piece of junk?
I am not an Invicta basher in any way, however I assure you that under almost all conditions, the Invicta Pro Diver DOES NOT keep more accurate time than a Rolex.

The Invicta uses a Swiss Sellita SW200 movement which is adjusted for 4 positions. The Submariner uses a Rolex 3135 movement which is adjusted for 5 positions and also temperature variation. Positions are dial down, dial up, crown down, crown up, and so on. What this means is that in those adjusted positions, the watch movement is less likely to have a variance in seconds.

Common sense will tell you that more adjusted positions as well as taking other factors into account will equate to a more accurate timepiece. No automatic movement is perfect, and ALL of them will lose or gain seconds over the course of a day, but your statement about the Invicta being more accurate than a Rolex is completely inaccurate.
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