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Originally Posted by beatcop View Post
I get tired of people throwing out their military experience as some character reference...I've seen at least a 20% total idiot rate on my deployments.
And what percentage of cops you know or have worked with are "total idiots?" And don't say none, because every profession has idiots, and we all need to work with or around them.

Originally Posted by beatcop View Post
-If he was stopped for a MV violation/suspect, oh well, the stop is valid
Twice in my life I have phoned in complaints about life-threatening traffic situations that were intentionally caused by careless drivers. One was a duel between two road-raged drivers in rush hour traffic on a metro interstate, cutting off traffic, speeding in excess of 90MPH, and very nearly causing no less than 4 accidents that I observed (would have been very serious accidents). The other time, I was almost killed by an impaired driver late at night. Both times, I had locations and license plate numbers, and the dispatcher told me there was nothing that they could do about it, the action has to be observed by a LE officer. I understand the reasoning, since they would have to follow up on every driver reported for an illegal lane change. So I have 2 questions here: 1. When do officers pull over cars that were reported by citizens for speeding, and 2. Has anyone ever seen an RV equipped with a doppler radar? (report alleged that he was speeding in excess of 100mph, as determined by what?)

Originally Posted by beatcop View Post
-I would have kept him on the bike holding it up by the bars...keeps bs level down
If you give attitude, you have to expect attitude. I think the cyclist being evasive about the weapon question was unwise to say the least, but honestly, was there any doubt the guy had a holstered gun? And you have to wonder if there was any reason for the traffic stop other than having a holstered gun. So it was a rather ridiculous question, and could be interpreted as attitude from the cop. BTW beatcop, I'm not picking on you personally, just your comments. There's a reason some people give cops attitude, and it starts with "bs level" things like "I would have kept him on the bike holding it up by the bars" The problem with wearing a uniform and acting like a jackass is that you color everyone you come into contact with that all cops are jackasses, which isn't true. But you're not doing your brothers any favors with such childish behavior. If you can't be a professional, there are a lot of other jobs and careers out there that don't require it.

Originally Posted by beatcop View Post
-guy is playing to the tape recorder
Perhaps, but if the incident had not been recorded, and the cops denied anything that was said or done, who would the judge believe? In this day and age, every cop should assume that their actions and conversations are being recorded and act accordingly. Every citizen should have the benefit of a recorded encounter with the police to ensure they are treated fairly, with all their rights afforded to them.

You may think that I'm anti-cop, but I'm not. Most of the cops I know and have met are decent, fair, and professional. They earn respect by being respectful. I've also run into a few jackasses over the years, but it's nowhere near 20%. Being LE is a very difficult job. I know for a fact that I couldn't do it, so I don't. They have my my respect implicitly, unless they decide to act like a jackass. I suspect that the cyclist could have had bad interactions with jackass cops in the past, which adversely affected his attitude. Still, he did nothing illegal, and had his rights violated. Facts are facts, and the law is the law.
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