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Originally Posted by Linux3 View Post
There have been ongoing Ethernet problems with older Macs.
Google your Mac and Ethernet problems and you will have lots to read.
Yep. I read, literally, every one of those threads and did everything recommended. But the problem isn't the Mac. The problem is the server. As soon as i reboot the server everything works perfectly. I don't even have to log out on my Mac, it's instantly ok.

Originally Posted by gemeinschaft View Post
Just curious, but is your Ubuntu server handing out DHCP or your router?

I have seen where someone setup a server and did not realize that it was broadcasting and responding to DHCP requests. May not apply here, but thought I would mention since this is something I have run across before.
I'm pretty sure it would be the router. I don't recall setting up DHCP on the server at all. Server, Mac, and router all use static ip's. And the router handles dhcp for wifi.

Originally Posted by tcruse View Post
Do a trace route and look at arp cache. Also turn off rip on the Linux box
Will do that when I get home. What's rip?
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