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The only personal experience...

I have with any muslim is a couple years ago when I broke my leg. I went into the hospital on sunday, and got out on Wednesday after having surgery on Monday. I had a guy sharing a room with me for about a day and a half who was a Muslim from Jordan. He was a naturalized citizen who has been here for 16 years, and works at Rockwell technologies in champaign.

We talked a little, I say a litttle because I was mostly so stoned On pain meds I couldn't carry on a conversation. But, A few things about this guy were really cool.

when he was getting readybto go up for his surgery, I heard him pray in arabic, and it touched me. I mean, I heard a sincerity in his prayer that was unmistakable. The guy was seeking God, no doubt. He was extremely polite, humble, and real. We talked about God a little, and one of the things he pointed out was that there is, within every religion, those who want to turn God into a crusading extremist. Very wise.

Lastly, the guy was one of the most considerate people I have ever met. I shared my room with three other people that few days, and no one else so much as spoke a word to me. But this muslim man said to me that he gathered from my phone conversations with my wife that we lived quite a distance from the hospital, and when he checked out, he came over to my bed and offered me his business card and told me that if there was anything at all that I needed that I could call him on his cell phone. A hamburger, a candy bar, something to drink, just call and he would come and bring it to me. Not that I would say I was shocked, more like, I had a suspicion confirmed. They aren't all evil, no more than Tim mcveigh calling himself a Christian makes all Christians evil.

We had lunch together a couple times after that, at which he always insisted on paying. Hhe was a good man, and a good human being. He knew I was a follower of Christ, and I knew he was a Muslim, and we were friends. He never threatened to kill me, or behead me for being an infidel. And I never told him he was going to burn in hell for not believing in Jesus. How bout that?
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