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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post

If you want to stop a group of people who hide in a populous make it so untenable for the populous that the deliver to you the terrorist group either dead or alive. This war could have been over a long long time ago.
Not so sure of that, you can't get much more ruthless than the Russians in Afghanistan, the Germans in Yugoslavia and France. The British in the American Revolution.

Yet Tito's partisans were able to keep going, as was the French Resistance, and the Afghans actually drove the Soviets out with some help from us. And here we are.

I'm not much of a student of history in general though, so I'm open to some examples of that working. Would be interested if you, or anyone really, can post examples of that working, and how bad we had to make things. And then can we see ourselves in that position?

Also not sure we as a nation have a stomach for the level of brutality required given the innocents in the population in situations like that.


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