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Sounds like it was possibly a good stop if the guy was wreckless driving or speeding. Not sure what the open carry thing had to do with it. I definitely wouldn't like the idea of having the other cop point a weapon at me while I drive away. I hope this isn't considered normal procedure. I think the military officer will get a little cash and while firing deputy "let my parnter cover you with his weapon while you drive away" may be a little harsh, the guy at leasts needs some retraining and a good amount of corrective supervision.

Final thoughts, I think the military angle doesn't really do much with the exception of their mutual oaths but contrasting views to support and defend the Constitution. We don't suspend the Constitution in the military to ensure "we go home at night". Like police officers, if we ignore our oaths we're probably in the wrong line of work. Most of us don't go home at night and as I can attest from the last Fallen Comrade Ceremony, some of us will never go home. We're stuck here in places like Afghanistan, however we don't suspend our oath to support and defend the Constitution. Actually, we give up some of our rights espoused in the Constitution as part of our military service so I don't think it's too much to ask that we don't have to give up our rights when we return home. So to Officer Bassett, wherever you are tonight, please don't suspend this old Vets Constitutional rights if and when I return home. If you can't keep your Constitutional oath during the conduct of your duties please find a less demanding profession.

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